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The Scope of Application
The Fingertip Oximeter can monitor pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through patient's finger. This device is applicable to hospital, home, oxygen bar, the community medical centre, alpine area and it also can be used before or after sports, and so on. This device is not appropriate to be used for continuous

Operation of the product is simple and convenient.
  * The product is small in volume, light in weight (total weight is about 50g
   including batteries) and convenient in carrying.
  * Power consumption of the product is low and the two originally-equipped two
   AAA batteries can be operated continuously for 30 hours.
  * Low voltage warning will be indicated in visual window when battery voltage is
   so low that normal operation of the Oximeter might be influenced.
  * The product will automatically be powered off when no signal is in the product
   for more than 8 seconds.

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